The Latest News for Property Owners:

  • The POA staff welcomes you back to Elk River! If there is anything you need this season, please let us know.
  • Getting your home and gardens ready for summer entertaining? Please remember that property work hours are limited. If you require work on weekends and holidays, please call the POA office (828)898-9791 for approval. Click here for additional rules & guidelines.
  • Below is a photo from the morning of January 31, 2018 of the Lunar Eclipse in its blue, blood, supermoon phase. The eastern US saw a Partial Eclipse (upper part of the full moon was darkened from earth’s shadow) but those out west witnessed a Full Eclipse. This spectacular photo by Todd Bush was taken at Elk River’s Robbins Sunset Park.

  • With our new website design, you’ll find the latest news & important announcements on the Home Page, and here on the Announcements page. You’ll also want to check out our new “Amenities” page featuring some of the latest amenities available to Elk River property owners. Please check our website regularly for updates.