Rules & Guidelines

Please Inform Security When You Are In Residence. This Helps Us Provide Better Service For You.

  • Guest Access and Deliveries – The owner must notify the security gate to authorize a guest or vendor entrance into the property. Otherwise they will need to wait at the entrance until the owner is contacted.
  • Trash Pick-up – Trash pick-up is on Monday and Friday. Due to the natural surroundings and animals that come with it, we ask you to please not put garbage out until the morning of the pick-up. This pick-up is for household garbage only. If you are leaving midweek and have garbage please call the POA office and we will give instructions where to put your garbage.
  • Property Work Hours Restrictions – There are restrictions when work and the workers are allowed on the property. Weekends and holidays are restricted for the type of work that is done. Please call the POA office at (828)898-9791 for approval for any weekend or holiday work.